A unique meeting at the Elizabeth Passion showroom

Make-up artist Beata Milczarek in cooperation with Sisley Paris tells us how to choose the perfect make-up for your dream wedding dress.

In the Elizabeth Passion showroom, for the second time there was an exceptional meeting with Beata Milczarek - a make-up artist with many years of experience, a make-up artist of stars such as Małgorzata Rozenek - Majdan and Edyta Górniak, and who, in cooperation with the Sisley Paris brand, led wedding makeup workshops for our clients in a truly splendid style.

We are piercing the veil of secrecy and letting out some tips of Beata Milczarek.

  1. Make an appointment at least one month before the wedding, just in case so that you have time to find another make-up artist that will appeal to your taste.
  2. Analyse together with the make-up artist which cosmetics you will need for any make-up corrections during the ceremony.
  3. Try the necessary cosmetics in terms of possible allergies.
  4. Think about your loved ones, they may also want to use the help of a make-up artist.
  5. On the day of the wedding, take 1-1,5 hours for your make-up, so that it can be done perfectly without a hurry.
  6. Do make-up after the hairstyle, otherwise the makeup may be slightly affected.
  7. Do not forget to paint the body, it is an inseparable element of the whole.
  8. Ask the make-up artist for an effective fixative not only for the face, but also for the body.

Below we present the stages of the creation of the perfect make-up made by Beata Milczarek. 


Photo: Piotr Porębski

Model: Myriam / Rebel Models

Wedding make-up should:




In the future, regardless of the prevailing trends, we should remember the wedding as a unique event in every respect, including the visual one, because there is nothing better than the ever-fashionable bride 😊