Elle Wedding – Wedding dresses with lace 2018.

It could seem that in wedding fashion we have already experienced everything - there were multilayer skirts, uncovered backs and carmen necklines. However, one trend has been unchanged for centuries - the lace. This timeless theme is experiencing a second youth this year! We are checking the most beautiful lacy wedding dresses 2018.

The lace fabrics were adored by Elisabeth I, who was the first to use fashion to accentuate her majesty. Later, the lace came to the royal courts, and even to the wardrobe of wealthy burghers who wanted to be like aristocrats. Eventually it began appearing in Catholic churches, where it became an irreplaceable decoration of religious ceremonies. It turned out very soon that it is suitable not only as a finish of albes or chasubles, but also as a wedding dress. Today, we associate it with tradition, innocence and purity, so when looking for a perfect wedding dress, we often choose the one with a lace.

Lacy wedding dresses

Nowadays the royal family still remains true to the timeless lace - it was found on the wedding dress of Kate Middleton. In pop culture, in a refreshed form, it also was to find on the wedding creation of Kim Kardashian. Today, trends speak for themselves - after a rapid outburst of minimalism, also in wedding fashion, we turn to colourful, braw and elegant creations. We go back to the roots and thus to the lace.

Wedding dresses Elizabeth Passion 2018

Elizabeth Passion has been fulfilling dreams about the perfect wedding dress for 30 years. The collections of the Polish brand are a combination of timeless elegance, classic cuts with a hint of modernity and a pinch of magic. Tailoring and hand-made decorations make this brand stand out. Elizabeth Passion dresses are addressed to women for whom tradition, style and class are important. In the Elizabeth Passion collection for 2018, lace and delicate decorations play a key role. It appeared in the form of a 3D application and in combination with decorative crystals. This season, the brand resigned from the classic white and tends more towards delicate pink, beiges and ecru. The collection is also dominated by transparent materials and delicate tulles. Sensual, deep necklines displaying feminine strengths and backs, hand-made decorations and a careful lace finish are the essence of Elizabeth Passion's proposition for this year.

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24.04.2018 - Wojciech Szczot
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