Sense by Elizabeth Passion – Collection of wedding dresses 2020

Minimalist boho was starting point for creating new Sense collection by Elizabeth Passion for 2020. Unique in it’s simplicity creations emphasizes full of magic campaign. Immerse yourself in the romantic story of the smell of the sea breeze!


Sense - Wedding dresses by Elizabeth Passion 2020 one more time is choosing it’s favorite projects of our dresses. Firstly redaction of wedding portal awarded best creations from limited collection Magic of love: Link, and now is focusing on regular line -Sense:

Among favorites of are 5 dresses in minimalist boho style: spectacular 4424T with lace top, romantic 4429T with frills, misty 4441T, 4552T like from fairytale and full of modern chic 4585T.

Which dress stole your heart?


Sense Campaign by Elizabeth Passion 2020

Campaign of the new Sense collection by Elizabeth Passion 2020 takes place at the sandy beach, surrounded by infinite sea and white clouds. Some shots are also decorated with wild grasses and tree branches, but among nature inspirations unquestionably reigns horse. It became faithful companion of main hero, whos ethereal creations allow for active exploration of the beach, even laid-back horse ride.

Exactly such associations should arouse the bride in the style of boho… Because that’s perfect boho Sense!

MUA: Joanna Berdzinska

Photography: Paulina Wesołowska