About us

Elizabeth Passion is a brand created with passion and dreams.

30 years ago when Elżbieta Leszczyńska was establishing the company she had a strong belief that with her persistence and her remarkable ideas for wedding creations, she could fulfill her dreams.
Slowly but surely, a small company became a large one – resilient and innovative. This process happened because of the solid foundations which the company was built on: the respect and sense of every client’s need, care about every product and a highly professional team.

Elizabeth Passion has gained recognition in the bridal fashion industry, has won numerous prizes and prestigious awards. But the most valuable achievement is the trust we have earned from our clients.

The whole team is working towards this – we know, that we can count on mutual experience, knowledge and professionalism. That is why our clients can always rely on us.

We know for whom we are here.

Our task is to create a dress refined in every detail, made from materials of the highest quality, executed with the greatest reverence. We also know that only the bride can give it character. They have to constitute unity, a perfect harmony.

The Bridal fashion salon is not an ordinary place. It is a place where considerable decisions are made . We know that choosing a wedding dress requires a perfect atmosphere. Here, all of our time is devoted to the future bride. We do not have to rush.

Our client is someone special. Therefore, we have total respect for her. The visit to our place is based on dialogue. Only by dedicated attention and sincere interest, can perfect cooperation be created. We provide professional advice so the bride can make the most suitable choice. We like the excitement surrounding these decisions, but our main aim is to create a creation in which everything is perfect.

We do not share details into more or less important – every detail is important, every remark is precious, any doubts must be dispelled. We know that we are trusted with a huge responsibility. We have, after all, a contribution to a unique event…

Elizabeth Passion realises dreams …